Thursday, 16 February 2012

Very first post

Ok, very first post and there's a lot to catch up on (sorry about that). Good thing it's mostly pictures.

As part of my animation course at Staffordshire University I'm working with a small group of fellow animators (Faye WombwellBecky BurstAdam Poole and Chloe Brown) on the literary platform animation competition. We found many potential competitions on our hunt, but this brief is to animate all or part of a 1993 recording of the legendary Douglas Adams talking about the evolution of the book. We couldn't pass on that.

This is what we've done so far...
After a couple of brainstorming sessions we put together this rough storyboard. There was much debate and pencil-pinching but we've ended up with plenty of good ideas.

Having completed the rough group storyboard we each took a couple of scenes and broke them down into a more complete storyboard. This gave us a much better idea of what we were working toward and ideas were changed for the better along the way.
These are my panels:

We all sat round and each put together our storyboarded scenes on Storyboard Pro to wind up with the animatic below. A couple of timing issues were found and we've changed some of the pacing to better fit the audio but now we're pretty much set to animate. Currently we're all working on character designs   for rigging, so expect a new post on that soon. *phew*

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